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Neighbors –The Cat

We took a walk through our neighborhood and look who I found, right in front of what I think is his house..
Neighbor_The Cat_yes I have blue eyes
He’s always coming to visit me in the mornings, spying through my windows with his elegant walk, like he’s walking on the entrance of a red carpet event.

He was enjoying the day, “Mmmhhh, nice weather..meowNeighbor_The Cat

What? Is that you? I think, that’s you, yes, you lady, the new neighbor..”
Neighbor_The Cat_is that YOU

“What are you doing?”Neighbor_The Cat_what are you doing here

“Grrrrrr…. Are you spying on me?!” “You are, aren’t you?!”
Neighbor_The Cat_GRRRR

“Yes, my eyes are BLUE, get over it.”Neighbor_The Cat_yes I have blue eyes

Arrogant cat. I know he likes me, how do you explain he looks through my windows every morning?

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  1. Poor cat is cross-eyed. Can we feed him some milk? ;-)

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