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Neighbors – The Squirrel

Hairy, puffy and always on red bull, she comes and goes, jumping from one tree to the next.
Neighbor_The Squirrel

These photos were taken from my window, she new I was watching her eating, she paused, ate some moreā€¦
Neighbor_The Squirrel eating

She tries to hide…
Neighbor_The Squirrel hiding

Then she goes, shaking her large bushy tail.
Neighbor_The Squirrel running away

Look at her, posing,
Neighbor_The Squirrel posing

but only for a second or two…she has to run again,
Neighbor_The Squirrel running away 2

Ok, just one more photo.
Neighbor_The Squirrel looking for me

To the next tree, she goes…
Neighbor_The Squirrel to the next tree


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4 Responses to "Neighbors – The Squirrel"

  1. This guy is so nosy. He’s always snooping around to see what people are doing inside the house. :)

  2. Oh, he’s so funny when he’s digging a whole to bury his food, but not before making sure we’re not watching. lol

  3. What a cute little fellow!

  4. nice page :) :) :)

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