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Flying Man

I love Veracruz _Flyer Man

Maybe sad, or worried…
I love Veracruz _Flyer Man 2

Could it be, scared?
I love Veracruz _Flyer Man 3

He was about to perform a dance, you would think that dancing is always fun… well, he was about to dance on top of a pole, up to 150 feet high.
I love Veracruz _Flyer Man 4

The Dance of Papantla’s flyers.

He is a flying man, trying to make a living.
I love Veracruz _Flyer Men


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2 Responses to "Flying Man"

  1. Loved the show, but very scary. It’s sad they risk their lives for 10 pesos, which is less than a dollar. But, they do put on a great show. I hope they can travel and make some good money.

  2. 150 FT high? Oh Lord, that sound dangerous.

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