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Spring Blossoms – Sharing some flowers and a poem by Emily Dickinson

“A Light exists in Spring

Not present on the Year

At any other period —
When March is scarcely here

A Color stands abroad

On Solitary Fields

That Science cannot overtake

But Human Nature feels.

It waits upon the Lawn,

It shows the furthest Tree

Upon the furthest Slope you know
It almost speaks to you.

Then as Horizons step

Or Noons report away

Without the Formula of sound
It passes and we stay —

A quality of loss

Affecting our Content

As Trade had suddenly encroached
Upon a Sacrament.”


Alba H. Rodriguez

Nikon Zoom-Nikkor 55-200mm f/4-56G IF-ED AF-S DX VR Zoom Lens

Nikon Zoom-Nikkor 55-200mm f/4-56G IF-ED AF-S DX VR Zoom Lens

Capture detail-rich digital photos using this zoom lens that features ED glass elements for lifelike images and a Silent Wave Motor for ultrafast autofocusing. Lens-based vibration reduction reduces distortion from camera shake for improved image clarity.

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Visitors at the White Rock Lake -American White Pelicans

So, we got some visitors at the White Rock Lake. American White Pelicans stop by every year and make Dallas lake their home. For a couple of months we get to enjoy these splendid creatures.
White Pelicans_80
White Pelicans_47

I tried to be patient to capture their beauty with my camera. It was hard, I got distracted so many times by their stunning feathers. They remind me of those immaculate wedding dresses.
White Pelicans_72

I wonder how they keep their feathers so clean.
White Pelicans_34

Here is one of a landing.
White Pelicans_30
I like his short legs in this pic.
White Pelicans_31
White Pelicans_33
White Pelicans_1

These two look funny next to each other.
White Pelicans_36

They gather in groups of five or so.
White Pelicans_78

Clearly, they enjoy each other’s company.
White Pelicans_2
White Pelicans_3
White Pelicans_4
I love to see their wings spread out.
White Pelicans_62

They catch their prey while swimming, that’s what I have observed so far. Unfortunately I could not get a good shot of it, maybe next time.
White Pelicans_6
White Pelicans_7


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Our mother Earth was having a moment

I was so excited, already celebrating spring.

When the weather started acting up. It was cold, windy, very cold.
Did I mention it was cold?

Then, there was snow. I love snow! Its pure white color, makes everything prettier.

It was not so pretty this time.
You see, my husband and I spent the previous weekend planting flowers, bushes and the last trees left. Our hands are still sore.

Like any gardner enthusiast, we were proud of our accomplishment.

It was about time to sit and enjoy the fruit of our hard labor.

Well, not yet. Yesterday morning, we got up early, to find out, snow coated the streets, the trees and our garden.

There was not playing on the snow this time, not shutting snow balls at each other…there was only disappointment.

Our beautiful plants were covered with snow.

We made some assumptions: “they are going to get burn”, I said.
“They are already dead! Forget it, we need to plant everything again”, my husband responded.

Five minutes later, we realized that it was another snow day in Dallas. How often do we get snow in Dallas? Almost never.

We decided to celebrate. After all, it was a snow day and we were together, our first spring day as a husband and wife.

Sipping hot Mexican chocolate, talking about our past and future, calling our family to share a beautiful snow day. That’s how we celebrated it.

Our mother earth was giving us another present, we better enjoy it until it last, so we did.

And it was perfect!

Alba H. Rodriguez

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Snow day, snow day!

I got out of bed, early this morning, to find out, there was snow every where. Yes! It’s snowing in Dallas!
Yupiiiiiiiiii (Yupiiiiii is the short Spanish version for jumping of joy, in case you were wondering).

So, I took my camera out for a walk around the house. It was a walk inside the house.
Started shutting pictures through my windows, dirty windows. BTW, I need to add it to the list of things to do this 2010. Must clean the windows.

Snowing in Dallas_through window

Snowing in Dallas_through window 2

It looks like a B&W picture.
Snowing in Dallas_B&W look alike

That’s my neighbors tree. So tall and beautiful.
Snowing in Dallas_B&W look alike 2

Snow, snow, beautiful snow.
Snowing in Dallas_through window 3

This one is mine, also tall and strong.
Snowing in Dallas_through window 4

What a romantic day, I’m going to make hot chocolate. Maybe, some baking too.
Snowing in Dallas_through window 5

There’s a guy outside.
Snowing in Dallas_A guy through my window 1

He knocked at my window, I think he’s inviting me to come outside. Mmmhhh, that sounds like fun.
Snowing in Dallas_A guy through my window

Ooohhh, wait, what is he trying to do?
Snowing in Dallas what is he doing

Oh, no you are not!!!
Snowing in Dallas_A guy through my window 2

Snowing in Dallas_A guy shooting at my window 11


Shooting snowballs at me?!!!!!
Snowing in Dallas_A guy shooting at my window 22

Oh, you think this is funny? Just wait!
Snowing in Dallas_A guy shooting at my window

Now, I’m going to get you!!!
Snowing in Dallas_Running away

You better run Mr.!
Snowing in Dallas_Running away 2

Save yourself!
Snowing in Dallas_Running away 3

Yeah, like that little tree is going to protect you.
Snowing in Dallas_Behind a tree

To do List

Alba H. Rodriguez

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Mr. Runway

This chubby, bubbly fellow looks healthy, mmmhh, turkey for dinner anyone?

Look at this corpulent guy! He’s ready to head into the oven.


The pictures were taken in a small village in Veracruz, Mexico.
While waiting for our sugarcane juice to be made. Mr. Turkey came walking and passed right in front of us, modeling his feathers, like if he was part of an exclusive Christian Dior’s runway.

I could think of many recipes including Mr. Runway: Turkey sandwich, turkey with portobello mushrooms, turkey casserole, roast turkey, turkey meatballs.

Oh, oohh, is he reading my mind?

He got my vibe and walked away.


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Flying Man

I love Veracruz _Flyer Man

Maybe sad, or worried…
I love Veracruz _Flyer Man 2

Could it be, scared?
I love Veracruz _Flyer Man 3

He was about to perform a dance, you would think that dancing is always fun… well, he was about to dance on top of a pole, up to 150 feet high.
I love Veracruz _Flyer Man 4

The Dance of Papantla’s flyers.

He is a flying man, trying to make a living.
I love Veracruz _Flyer Men


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Neighbors – The Squirrel

Hairy, puffy and always on red bull, she comes and goes, jumping from one tree to the next.
Neighbor_The Squirrel

These photos were taken from my window, she new I was watching her eating, she paused, ate some more…
Neighbor_The Squirrel eating

She tries to hide…
Neighbor_The Squirrel hiding

Then she goes, shaking her large bushy tail.
Neighbor_The Squirrel running away

Look at her, posing,
Neighbor_The Squirrel posing

but only for a second or two…she has to run again,
Neighbor_The Squirrel running away 2

Ok, just one more photo.
Neighbor_The Squirrel looking for me

To the next tree, she goes…
Neighbor_The Squirrel to the next tree


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Neighbors –The Cat

We took a walk through our neighborhood and look who I found, right in front of what I think is his house..
Neighbor_The Cat_yes I have blue eyes
He’s always coming to visit me in the mornings, spying through my windows with his elegant walk, like he’s walking on the entrance of a red carpet event.

He was enjoying the day, “Mmmhhh, nice weather..meowNeighbor_The Cat

What? Is that you? I think, that’s you, yes, you lady, the new neighbor..”
Neighbor_The Cat_is that YOU

“What are you doing?”Neighbor_The Cat_what are you doing here

“Grrrrrr…. Are you spying on me?!” “You are, aren’t you?!”
Neighbor_The Cat_GRRRR

“Yes, my eyes are BLUE, get over it.”Neighbor_The Cat_yes I have blue eyes

Arrogant cat. I know he likes me, how do you explain he looks through my windows every morning?

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